Tucks Take Alongs: A Review

12 Medicated Towelettes

12 Medicated Towelettes

I’m not the most “open-about-my-feelings” type of person.” I don’t go around chit-chatting about personal issues. I am most certainly not an open book when it comes to bodily functions. So, why am I writing about Tucks? That’s a good question…


I’ll tell you why. In the late stages of each of my pregnancies I developed hemorrhoids. Yes, there I go adding TMI to my post. Wait. Hear me out.

My problem was one that many women suffer from…pregnant or otherwise. I remember suffering through the discomfort of those last few weeks. I recall thinking that the last weeks of pregnancy were bad enough without adding painful hemorrhoids to the mix. I never found anything to successfully treat my issue. Until now…

Tucks Take Alongs would have been the answer. I received a pack of 12 Tucks Take Alongs Medicated Towelettes to review as part of the Tucks Blog Tour. The Medicated Towelettes are soft, flexible, and soothing. Tucks are hypo-allergenic, dye-free, and ph-balanced. I would highly recommend this product.

Thank you to MomCentral and MomCentral_Consulting for the Blog Tour!

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