Active Kids Needs Downtime in Summertime

Busy. That’s the word I would use to describe our summer. And we cut back on activities…a lot. But we’re still chock-a-block full over here. From swim team to workout sessions at the health club to doctor/dental appointments to day trips, our calendar is packed.

Downtime. That’s the word to describe what we need after all the activity of the summer. With three kids and two adults all racing in different directions, finding time to just do nothing is key. Sometimes my kids will read, play with Lego, do a puzzle, eat a snack, or just snooze. Other times the kids will want screen time…either games or movies.

Movie watching is an activity we can all do. Sometimes we’ll watch a movie together. Usually we’ll watch at night. Other times one kid will want to watch a movie in the afternoon. After a morning of swimming, an afternoon spent watching a movie is probably a good option. Watching a movie allows a child to recharge his batteries. I don’t worry as much about screentime in the summer as I know that my children are spending time each day reading, doing summer workbooks, or chores.

Recently, we watched a couple of movies from KaBoom! Kids. One of the movies was Donkey X. My son was the reviewer for this movie. Donkey X is an animated film featuring Rucio, a brave but mischievous donkey. The movie follows Don Quixote travels with his donkey sidekick, Rucio. My son liked that Rucio was silly. There were swordfights and battles aplenty as Don Quixote does battle with the Half Moon Knight. Available in English, Spanish, and French. Price: $19.99.

Another movie we reviewed was Freddy Frogface. Victor and his friends want you to know that being small isn’t easy. And having to deal with a bully like Freddy is tough. I like the way that Victor stands up to Freddy. He won’t let Freddy push him around. Available in English. Price: $29.99.

To round out the pair of animated films we watched, was a live action film called Smitty. Is there a better film than one where a kid is paired with a dog? I think not. 13-year-old Ben spends the summer with his grandfather. It’s not long before Ben teams up on adventures with Smitty. I like that through Smitty Ben learns about friendship, family, and responsibility. The movie stars actors that Mom and Dad will know well…Mira Sorvino, Peter Fonda, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Jason London. Available in English. Price: $32.99.

Go to KaBoom Kids to learn more about the other DVDs titles available.

All three movies can be purchased from Target, Walmart, or

I was sent the three movies to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.



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