Snomee: A Cute Way to Give a Gift Card #snomee

When my kids were little, shopping for a birthday gift was a snap. I would think about what my daughter or son loved to play with. One trip to the store later and all I needed to do was find a gift bag and have my child make a card for the birthday boy or girl. Buying a birthday gift was a snap.

Not so for tweens and teens, and even late elementary schoolers. By 9 years of age, it is not so clearcut what the birthday boy or girl will want. Some 9s are still playing with Lego, construction kits, or craft kits. While other 9 year olds consider themselves too old for such things. Choosing a gift gets harder as kids get older.

Snomee + iTunes = The Perfect Gift

Enter the gift card. Buying a gift card for a birthday or even a Christmas gift is the perfect compromise. You can still buy something that you know will hit the spot. But, you don’t need to break the bank in the process.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that tweens and teens LOVE shopping. My daughters thought the mall was an awful place to go to until they each realized that while shopping with Mommy and Daddy is boring, shopping for themselves is fun. Both girls couldn’t wait to be let loose in the mall with gift cards, birthday money, or money earned from doing chores.

Recently I learned about a super cute way to package a gift card. Snomee combines the gift card with a cool-shaped snow globe. So you can give the birthday girl or boy a gift card stowed away in the bottom of a very cute snow globe. The Snomee we received for review arrived in a box…inside the box was an elegant black box…inside the box was a Christmas snow globe…and inside the Snomee was a gift card. My Tween-now-Teen wanted the Snomee for her snow globe collection. My son wanted to make a craft using the black box. My Teen gave me a ton of helpful(!) suggestions for how to spend the gift card. So it was a win for my entire family. Love!

Snomee is set to launch for the 2012 Holiday Season. Themes for gift cards will include: Health & Beauty, Fashion, Music & Entertainment, Dining Out, Reading, Coffee Breaks, Home Improvement, Sport & Fitness, Multimedia, Mall Buddy, and more.

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I was sent a Snomee and a gift card to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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