A Yummy Breakfast Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Cereal

Cereal is a food that we all have strong opinions about. We love a certain cereal or absolutely detest it. There’s no gray area.

I am never able to buy just one box of cereal. Nope, I need buy at least 5 boxes. One box will be devoured before I have unpacked the groceries. And I’m only exaggerating a little bit. In the Musings from Me family we love our cereal. Not just for breakfast. One of my kids will eat cereal as her coming home from school snack. Another will eat two bowls in a row. I carry small ziploc bags of cereal if I am on the go. (Side note: I’m always on the go!)

As a cereal lover, I know that seeing a box of my favorite cereal can absolutely make me smile. Now, I might be a tad glum if I use the last of the cereal or if I keep forgetting to pick up a box when I grocery shop. But, I grin when I see a box of cereal in the pantry.

What makes you happy? Cereal? Lunch? Your kids? Work? I’m always interested to know what makes people happy. MOM Brands wants to know what makes you happy.  You can even find out how happy you are by taking the MOM Brands Facebook quiz. Go on, give it a try! I see myself as kind of a Debbie Downer, but after taking the quiz I can see that I am a lot happier than I thought I was.

Happiness expert Dr. Dan Baker says that there are 12 qualities of happiness. Coincidentally, there are 12 layers to each MOM Brands Frosted Mini Spooner cereal. Hmmm or should I say mmmm! Dr. Baker has written several books on happiness, including What Happy People Know, What Happy Companies Know, and What Happy Women Know. Curious about how happy you are? Go on…take the Are You Happy? quiz to see how happy you are!

MOM Brands (formerly Malt-o-Meal Cereals), features the following brands:

  • Frosted Flakes
  • Frosted Mini Spooners
  • Golden Puffs
  • Better Oats Cereals
  • Mom’s Best Naturals
  • Threee Sisters Cereal

The best-selling Frosted Mini Spooners was named best tasting shredded wheat cereal (frosted) by Cooking Light. Each serving of Frosted Mini Spooners has 6 grams of fiber, 44 grams of whole grain, low in fat, low in sodium, and contains 100% of the daily recommended value of folic acid, and 90% of daily recommended value of iron. Take the Are You Happy? quiz on Facebook.

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