Spreading the #Yoursphere Message at #TypeAMom

You know when you meet someone and you click? You talk in person or on the phone, connect online, in e-mail, or on twitter. Whatever way you connect you instantly know that you and this person click.

I had this experience when I “met” Mary Kay Hoal over a year ago. We first exchanged e-mails, then chatted on the phone, and now we “talk” to each other on twitter and Facebook. It wasn’t long before I clicked with her.

Yoursphere AdMary Kay founded a social network for kids and tweens. At the time I met Mary Kay my kids were 10 and 12. Both girls loved playing on the computer, but had grown tired of the same old, same old online game sites for kids. The older of the two wanted to get a Facebook page. My response to her request was an overwhelming “No way!”

Mary Kay founded Yoursphere.com. As a dedicated and devoted mom to 5 children, she knows all to well that parents need guidance to keep their kids safe on the internet. For our family, Yoursphere gave my girls and now my son a place to play online. Yoursphere gave my husband and I peace-of-mind. We knew that our kids had a place to go online that was designed for kids. No adults allowed.

Tomorrow I will finally get to meet Mary Kay. We’re both at the TypeAMom Conference. Mary Kay is here with Yoursphere — Yoursphere is a TypeAMom sponsor. I am at TypeAMom as a Yoursphere Mom.

If you are at TypeAMom stop by the Yoursphere booth. If you see me in my Yoursphere Mom shirt…stop me and say Hi! Oh and don’t forget to give me your business card for a chance to win a¬†Yoursphere Mom t-shirt.

If you are at home, you can still win a Yoursphere Mom Kid t-shirt. Leave a comment at the end of this post letting me know that your child (6 and over) is signed up for a Yoursphere account. I’ll choose a winner October 8. To sign up for a Yoursphere account for your child, go here.¬†

For extra chances to win:

Tweet the following and leave a comment at the end of this post.

Enter for a chance to win a #Yoursphere #Mom Shirt. Yoursphere.com is a social network designed for kids. https://tinyurl.com/2e48dps

Leave a comment that you are following @MaryKayHoal — founder of Yoursphere — on twitter.

Leave a comment that you are a friend of the Yoursphere on Facebook.

Yoursphere is my sponsor for TypeAMom.

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