You Might Be an 80s Girl If You…

Hands up if you remember the following:
  • Kodak Disc Cameras
  • 5 1/4″ floppy disks
  • Macintosh computers that were a rectangular boxy shape
  • record players with flimsy wooden speakers but wihout a tape deck
  • Sony Walkmans — so bulky that you wore it with a shoulder strap
  • cassette tapes — at some point in 1986 or so I saw a CD when I was a DJ
  • Fame t-shirts
  • loud Jams surfing shorts
  • Docksiders or Topsiders
  • painters pants
  • parachute pants
  • any clothing from Chess King
  • any item from Spencer’s Gifts
  • saw Duran Duran in concert more than once
  • remember Michael Jackson as a good singer/dancer/performer rather than a freakishly odd person

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