Musings from Me: Writing Journey

The First Rule of Thesaurus Club Is-Red Molotov10/14/2013: I’m no stranger to writing. As a kid, I wrote several “books” about being a kid who moves back and forth from the UK to the US and even to Italy. I haven’t stopped writing since then…English major and college newspaper reporter, graduate school in writing student, editor/writer for a trade association’s communication department, book editor for a health care publisher, and freelance writer for a variety of parenting sites. I’m a blogger too, here–> where I write about my family’s adventures. I’m also a contributor to the Baltimore Examiner and The DC Moms. I KNOW how to work on a deadline and pride myself on always getting my work done on time.

2/1/2024: Well, here I am again…writing on this blog. I stopped writing regularly in 2017. My first blog post was 1/2/2008. So far in 2024, I’ve written 2 posts with 4 scheduled for the next few weeks. 5 posts in 2023.

Am I still a writer? I’m not a journalist. I stopped writing on parenting sites a few years ago. But this blog has a hold on me. I can’t quit the blog. I still pay for a few domain names. I still pay for web hosting. I cannot let go. Are you still blogging?

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