Winners…Winners…Stop the Presses I Chose Winners!

Updated…4/12/2011…new winners and upcoming/new giveaways!

Yes. That’s right. I did it. I chose winners in a timely fashion. I said I would and I did. My goal for 2011 is to be more efficient with giveaways…review the product, post about it, host a giveaway, promote the giveaway, and choose the winner…quick! No lag time. So far I’m doing well. 2011 looks to be a good year for giveaways on my blog. More to come!

In the meantime, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…the winners of course! I chose winners for the following giveaways…

I sent e-mails to all winners. Prizes will be shipped by me or by the vendor. I’m not listing names since not all winners blog or are on twitter.

Giveaways to come:

  • Box Tops for Education — enormous prize bag of Zip Loc, Avery, and General Mills products…Box Tops, too!
  • Cake Boss
  • Emily Osment CD (she’s the girl from Hannah Montana. According to my teen — a former Disney Channel watcher — ALL Disney Channel kid stars do a CD.)
  • Tangled — CD and a surprise!

Stay tuned to this blog!

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