Will Christmas Happen This Year: An Update

To keep me honest and sane. let me give you a rundown on my Christmas status:

  • Christmas tree mostly decorated…need to take boxes down to basement storage room so Sporty Daughter does not add just “one” more ornament.
  • Living room decorations done, except for the Charlie Brown Christmas scene…yes, it has the tiny tree and Linus blanket…need to post pics.
  • Christmas village…still in basement, but I will bring up. Perhaps Crafty Daughter will feel motivated to decorate. Is it a teen thing that she doesn’t want to bother? I also think she doesn’t want to hear my suggestions about where certain items should go. Some day she will have her own house and family!
  • Baking…wait even in a good year I don’t bake, so I can scratch this off my list.
  • Outdoor decorations…I am inclined to go with just the inflatables rather than pulling out the candy canes and bush lights.

And then there are the Christmas traditions…

  • Santa…yes, finally something we have done. Saw Santa at the health club..now kids were wearing sweatpants and I didn’t have my camera, but we were there and that is what mattered. Oh, and I chatted with my son’s math teacher for the entire time we waited. She is one of those teachers who gives her all to her students. She has high standards and expects the same from the kids. She has two little kids and I remembered how difficult it is too wrangle young kids as you wait. I DO NOT want to go back to those days for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!
  • Christmas Lights…I’m getting worrried. We might go tonight. Now we always have dinner at Chevy’s and then get a Starbucks for driving through the lights. Crafty Daughter has volleyball practice until 8 p.m…will it be too late to go after practice? My poor son will be tired for school, so is it worth it?
  • Christmas shopping…thanks to amazon.com Prime I am done. Need to wrap. Oh, still waiting on one or two gifts for my daughter. Hope both come before we go to NYC this weekend.
  • Christmas cards…no photo so no cards ordered. Might take a photo after school and send an e-mail. I am disinclined to do the take-a-photo-rush-to-Costco-for-developing-address-and-stuff-envelopes…no desire whatsoever.

So, that’s it. Christmas Lite it might be….

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