Who Am I?

I’ve been a SAHM since 2002. This year at the same time as my youngest child started kindergarten, I started looking for work opportunities during the school day. Part-time jobs are hard to find in my semi-rural area. Many jobs are too far for me to drive and still put kids on and get kids off bus. So, I started a blog — https://www.writingmylifeoneblogatatime.blogspot.com/

Through “puttering about online” trying to find paid writing opportunities, I discovered legions of networks geared towards moms. Once I find a site I like I subscribe to the site in a reader–Bloglines.

I’ve found networks/sites that offer:

– Printable coupons for groceries. I like to save money with coupons.

– Giveaways. Basically the site will have a post about a giveaway. Each person is allowed one entry or comment. But you are allowed extra entries for “stumbling, twittering, digging” the post. I have been astounded at the stuff I have won in 3 months of entering giveaways. I’ve entered maybe 20 or so. I’ve won a t-shirt from MeTime; a Rice Krispies treat kit and popcorn and bowl from TheMotherhood; a Nintendo DS from 5MinutesforMom; and an iGo Everywhere charger The_Mogul_Mom. I also won a $50 gift card for WalMart — helped out with Xmas shopping.

The “Big Mommy” prize of them all — I was winner #5 in TypeAMom and foodiemama.com’s Holiday Gift Guide. This prize included: a small portable vacuum, three trivets, a pestle and mortar, a ZipNGoBlanket, assorted environmentally sensible cleaning products, organic herbs and spice packets, a pizza cookbook, Olinda Ridge olive oil, Klip Kitchen Timer, and a few more.

Through my blog I have signed up with PR companies to do reviews. I have reviewed OhNuts.com; a V-tech KidiJamz keyboard; Yoursphere.com, an online safe site for teens; and Jumpstart World, an online site for kids. With Yoursphere and Jumpstart I got a free on-line subscription for my kids to use. For the nuts and keyboard, I got a free product to keep.

I have hosted quite a few giveaways on my blog as well: Progresso Soup gift basket, Jumpstart World, Yanni’s Voices, Yoplait yogurt, and My Fruit Roll-Ups.

I also found a site listing free or reduced price kids meals by zip code — https://www.kidsmealdeals.com/ I have children who are 5, 10, and 13, and I am a terrible cook — so we love eating out!

So, I have received and found out about a zillion free items, but have not found that one elusive item — a paid writing gig. Do you know of any sites that pay mommy bloggers to write? I’ve found quite a few that pay by the impression or click, which helps.

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