Who Am I?

I’ve been a SAHM since 2002. This year at the same time as my youngest child started kindergarten, I started looking for work opportunities during the school day. Part-time jobs are hard to find in my semi-rural area. Many jobs are too far for me to drive and still put kids on and get kids off bus. So, I started a blog — http://www.writingmylifeoneblogatatime.blogspot.com/

Through “puttering about online” trying to find paid writing opportunities, I discovered legions of networks geared towards moms. Once I find a site I like I subscribe to the site in a reader–Bloglines.

I’ve found networks/sites that offer:

– Printable coupons for groceries. I like to save money with coupons.

– Giveaways. Basically the site will have a post about a giveaway. Each person is allowed one entry or comment. But you are allowed extra entries for “stumbling, twittering, digging” the post. I have been astounded at the stuff I have won in 3 months of entering giveaways. I’ve entered maybe 20 or so. I’ve won a t-shirt from MeTime; a Rice Krispies treat kit and popcorn and bowl from TheMotherhood; a Nintendo DS from 5MinutesforMom; and an iGo Everywhere charger The_Mogul_Mom. I also won a $50 gift card for WalMart — helped out with Xmas shopping.

The “Big Mommy” prize of them all — I was winner #5 in TypeAMom and foodiemama.com’s Holiday Gift Guide. This prize included: a small portable vacuum, three trivets, a pestle and mortar, a ZipNGoBlanket, assorted environmentally sensible cleaning products, organic herbs and spice packets, a pizza cookbook, Olinda Ridge olive oil, Klip Kitchen Timer, and a few more.

Through my blog I have signed up with PR companies to do reviews. I have reviewed OhNuts.com; a V-tech KidiJamz keyboard; Yoursphere.com, an online safe site for teens; and Jumpstart World, an online site for kids. With Yoursphere and Jumpstart I got a free on-line subscription for my kids to use. For the nuts and keyboard, I got a free product to keep.

I have hosted quite a few giveaways on my blog as well: Progresso Soup gift basket, Jumpstart World, Yanni’s Voices, Yoplait yogurt, and My Fruit Roll-Ups.

I also found a site listing free or reduced price kids meals by zip code — http://www.kidsmealdeals.com/ I have children who are 5, 10, and 13, and I am a terrible cook — so we love eating out!

So, I have received and found out about a zillion free items, but have not found that one elusive item — a paid writing gig. Do you know of any sites that pay mommy bloggers to write? I’ve found quite a few that pay by the impression or click, which helps.

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  1. themrs
    March 23, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    i wish i could help you, i’m in the same boat! we had planned for me to return to work this fall when we found out baby #5 was on the way! with three in private school i have to find a way to make an income yet still be home with my two year old and a breastfeeding newborn. i’d love to do some type of writing job, it is really my passion, but have no idea where to look. if you find anything let me know! i’ll do the same 🙂

  2. Dinosaur Mom
    March 24, 2009 at 2:43 am

    I get some ducats through PayPerPost but it’s not big money. It barely counts as money at all, the way I do it. On the other hand, there are people who get decent supplemental income out of it if they stay at it.

  3. Jenn Calling Home
    March 25, 2009 at 4:57 am

    Wow, you sure know how to work this whole blog thing. I’m still learning. Just stopping by to party with you during the UB Party. It is fun. Off to the next stop.

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