Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

I’m new enough to blogging and social media that readers might stumble upon my blog and not know who I am.

Want to find me somewhere other than this blog? Facebook? Even this blog has a Facebook page! Twitter! Let’s not forget my other home.

You might not know that…

I live between D.C. and Baltimore. I claim both cities as home since my connection to both is by circumstances rather than birth. I found myself in Washington, D.C., as a junior in college. Baltimore became a place to explore once I moved a little farther out of the D.C. suburban area.

I am a former British citizen-now-an-American-citizen. I love my homeland, but love my adopted homeland more. I have sworn of tea, in favor of coffee of all kinds. I’m a lover of flavored coffee drinks from Starbucks, and really anywhere…yes, even McDonald’s.

I complain about the amount of time I am in my minivan, but I wouldn’t have it any other way as I love driving kids hither, thither, and yon. I’m the quietest parent on the sidelines at soccer, lacrosse, and volleyball games, and swim meets — my British reserve is a hard habit to break. I provide my children with educational, physical, emotional, and cultural experiences to prepare them to be valued citizens of this amazing country.

I’m am on the go for work, home, sports for the kids, activities for me like blogging events, book club, and the occasional scrapbooking night with friends.

My 3 kids are active in “all sports known to man” children. I leave my house for non-kid activities rarely. If I do get out for date night, we usually eat at Longhorn Steakhouse or see a movie. Our babysitting time doesn’t allow us to do both dinner and a movie — we have to choose one or the other!

Our favorite places to go out as a family: Dinner — Hamburger Hamlet, Champps, Chevy’s, Ledo’s, Cici’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, California Tortilla; Movie Theaters — Movies at the Mall in Columbia, Movies at Westfield in Frederick, Regal Movies in Germantown; Outdoor places — Larriland Fruit Farms, Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry, soccer and lacrosse fields; Indoor Places — Shadowlands, Adventure Park USA, Smithsonian Air and Space/Natural History, Maryland Science Center, National Aquarium at Baltimore, Maryland Zoo at Baltimore, Discovery Sports Center for volleyball.

Musingsfromme.comI am a local influencer in two cities — D.C. and Baltimore. I keep a finger on the pulse of events in D.C. and Baltimore for the 4 sites I write for and the 1 site I moderate:

My blog
– DC Metro Moms
DC Ladies
– Baltimore Parenting Tweens Examiner
– I moderate a site for moms from DC — MD — VA — DC CityMommy

I love reading, especially books about moms/women like me. I like a good psychological or legal thriller as well. I don’t see comedies or light-hearted movies at the movie theater ever — I only see dramas. I love a good book, movie, TV show about dysfunctional families. I watch reality TV — but only shows about families, JKPlusEight, Little People Big World, Design by 9, or shows like Intervention and Hoarders. I will not watch Jersey Shore, dancing shows, or Survivor. I have never watched an episode of Lost, but just got hooked on Glee. I am now watching the Office in reruns…wondering why I never watched in the first place. Oh, and I love to scrapbook, but never have the time. Perhaps I should turn off the reality shows and scrapbook my own family??

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