Where Were You on Friday, April 29, 2011?

If you know me at all, you probably guessed that I was glued to the TV that day. For those of you who don’t know me, I was born and bred in England so obviously I watched the Royal Wedding that day.

No, I didn’t do any of the following…

  • wear my wedding dress…no way on earth it would still fit me
  • wear any hat in the shape of (a) antlers or (b) a barge…I did tell my children that I wore a hat to wedding I attended in England…very traditional at British weddings for women to wear hats and men to wear a formal morning suit with tails and top hat.
  • drink tea and eat tiny sandwiches and cakes while viewing

But, I did get up at my usual time of 6 a.m., click the TV on in time to see the vows. I saw first one and then another child off to school. I had planned to let all three kids stay home and watch the Royal Wedding, but my oldest had a history test, the middle one and I got in to a discussion about appropriate footwear for school, and the wedding was over by the time the youngest headed to school. So, we gathered in the evening of the 29th to watch the Royal Wedding. YAY FIOS and DVR.

The British Monarchy has a Flickr account. Photos from the Royal Wedding are here. I also found photos from the Evening Reception. I wonder if William and Kate will have to wait for their wedding album to be created…like the rest of us?

This wedding was the fourth wedding I have watched on TV…never live.

The first was Princess Anne’s marriage to Captain Mark Phillips.

My memories: My mother woke me at 3 a.m. to watch Princess Anne’s wedding. It was 1972 or so, we were living in NJ, and my English mother had to watch the Royal Wedding. We had a black and white TV, but our English friends who lived in our neighborhood had a color TV. I remember very little. At some point, in the morning I walked with our friend’s son to school.

The marriage: Ended in divorce. Princess Anne married Commander Tim Laurence.

The second…

My memories: In 1981 we were back living in England…I watched the wedding but didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. I watched the preparations for the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles from about 7 a.m. onwards. No detail was too small for me. I read newspapers and magazines to get the scoop on EVERYTHING.

The marriage: Ended in divorce. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in August of 1997. Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla’s granddaughter was a bridesmaid at William & Kate’s wedding…Miss Eliza Lopes.

The third Royal Wedding…

My memories: Five years later, I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson at my parent’s home in Maryland. Prince William was a pageboy.  I probably watched less coverage since I was in America. Fergie mentioned in her interview with Oprah that she was Diana’s best friend and that they knew each other as teens. Do you suppose Sarah was at Princess Diana’s wedding? Did a few Google searches but can’t find any information.

The fourth wedding…

I have one thing to say…Chocolate Biscuit Cake! Oooo, now why didn’t I get an invite to William and Kate’s wedding? I LOVE McVities!

Let’s hope that the fourth time is the charm for this couple. I wish them a happy and long marriage.

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