A Roundup of Musings from Me: Week of August 25, 2012

My parents and my kids at the beach!

My old tag line made me laugh…even LOL…although I don’t use texting language…EVER. Although I do overuse ellipsis…all…the…time…

Here’s what made me chuckle. My old tag line was: “I’m a writer who stays at home or a stay-at-home mom who writes.” What’s that expression? Oh, that’s it…you slay me! Or rather my tag line slayed me. So I obviously have moments where I think I am hilarious. Ahem.

But, back to the writing thing. Last year I was a writing machine. In the space of that year I turned the corner from “writing by the seat of my pants” to “writing with a purpose.” I want to write with intention. I want each blogpost to make sense, be relevant, and most of all reflect who I am. I’m not a creative writer. I’m not a journalist. I struggle to find the right words. I write too much without getting to the point. But, I can write a blogpost. And I’m not just tooting my own horn. PR and other bloggers have complimented me on how I am able to weave a story. I take pride in my work. I’m not a fully fledged writer yet, and won’t be one soon, but for now I am enjoying any time I get to write.

And now for where you can find my writing. First…my blog:

Second, a wrapup of the other places you can find me:

Oh, and before I forget here’s my 10 Things To Do When Starting a Business, plus a boatload of businessy articles.

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