What To do with Argumentative 5-Year-Old?

I’m frustrated by my son. There I said it. I had planned to write a post about who I am or England, the place where I am from. But… I need to write about my son tonight.

He’s having a great year in K. Learning to read. Great at sounding out words. Gets upset if I help him too much. Doing 1st grade math. I’m proud of myself for working so much with numbers while he was in preschool. In November he stumbled a little on some number line concepts, but lately he seems to just grasp so much about numbers.

So, why am I hear blabbing about my son. Well, I am frustrated by his need to argue every point. Seriously it has gotten to the point of arguing that black is white. I *think* arguing for him is his way of trying to assert who he is. He is the youngest of three. His oldest sister is 13 and the younger one is 10. The 13 yo is a self-starter…good at occupying herself…if she does want company she has a specific game plan…if the younger two don’t do what she wants then she drifts off and finds something else to do. My 10 yo likes to play with her brother on the wii, but he is very good at getting her goat. He will pester her with needs and demands. She will storm out of the room in frustration with him. I don’t blame her.

Lately he has been caught in a state of “having the wii” and “losing the wii.” He will earn wii for good behavior/staying green in school, then will lose the wii for arguing or not following directions at home. Very confusing for him and to some extent me. I give out so many punishments on a given day that I will forget why he is in time out or why he has lost the wii.

Anyone have a suggestion for lessening the tendency to argue? Should I spend more one-on-one time with him? Invite a friend over for him?

I drew up two contracts for him to sign. I know this sounds odd, but I did the same thing with his sister. I don’t recall why, but it worked. I am hoping that he will see a clear connection between misbehavior and losing privileges. Although maybe I should give him privileges for good behavior choices. See here I am again with the inconsistencies.

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