What Lights My Fire?

Editor’s Note: I wrote the following as a response to a writing prompt about electrical storms wiping out the internet (shudder). I was asked to write about my passions…

Nothing like being under the gun to write. Pressure? No pressure! I just have a day to write about my passions. No, not feeling anxious here…no, not me!

Passions. I should start by defining what the word means to me. Something I am passionate about. An activity I love doing. A passion is not something run of the mill, but something extraordinary.

But, what about me? What am I passionate about? Top 5:

  1. My family — health, well-being, citizenship, education, well-rounded. I want to instill all these values and more in my three children. It’s a work in progress.
  2. Our financial health and future plans. As a SAHM and nonbreadwinner, I find myself having little to say about our finances. I’m not the best person to balance the checkbook. I care that we have investments, but don’t pore over financial statements. I don’t do the taxes. But, I do care that we have a house to live in…good schools to send our children to…a vacation every year or so.
  3. My job. Three kids ago I had a good job with benefits. I was a workaholic who was paid very little, but that did not stop me from giving my best each and every day. Seriously, the pay was O.K., but someone should sit down with English majors from small liberal arts colleges and tell them…here’s the deal: Make sure you are passionate about working in publishing as the pay is not what will keep you there. As an expectant mom, I persuaded my boss to let me work from home…best decision I ever made. Sure I was stressed keeping up with the dueling tornadoes of “freelance work” and “baby and toddler.” After 6 years, I was done…spent. One more kid and a couple of years as a SAHM-school volunteer-independent music product consultant and I was ready to dive in to blogging.
  4. Blogging. After years editing and proofreading other people’s writing, I love that I get to write for me. I write here and here, and previously wrote for SVMoms’ DC Metro Moms, AboutOne Blog, Technorati, and TypeAMom.
  5. Future. I don’t know what the future holds for my kids, my husband, or me, but I want to live my life in the best way possible.

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