What I Should Be Doing…

I should be doing this assignment. The subject matter is interesting. I need to get it done tout suite. But, I’m not. The pile of papers to my left comes in to view about every 4.4 seconds but I’m not dealing. My coffee is lukewarm and could do with being reheated. Nope not going upstairs any time soon. My feet are cold. A pair of slippers might help. You guessed it. I’ll suffer with cold tootsies.

I have an email to write. A series of posts from our summer travels. A review that needs to get done. My to-do list is very long. I’ll get to everything. I always do. For now, I need to get off my chest that I am not doing anything of consequence right now. In a few minutes I’ll be back at work, but for now the only task I need to do. The only assignment that is going to get done. The only thing I will be crossing off my to-do list is this blog post.

Writing on my blog is becoming a rarity. Sure I post about reviews, giveaways, and any place we visit as a family. But, actually writing a blogpost about what is going on with me or with my family is rare. I want to change that. I know that my giveaways are on the upswing. I’m getting more comments and traffic to my giveaways now that I am promoting them more. But, it is the blogposts about nothing, something, or really about anything to do with me that I want to start writing more of.

Do I think that anyone out there is dying to learn more about me? Well, not “dying” exactly but I know that I have a point of view…something to say. I know that when I go to blogging conferences, people I meet tell me that they like my blog. Of course, these people may say that to everyone they meet. But, a number of the people I meet are PR types who “know” blogs. I have been told that I write a good review post. I know that I have a knack for matching a story to a product I am reviewing or making an anecdote fit in to a post. I wish I could be more loose and willing to take a risk with the other posts I write on this blog.

I find that I put restrictions on myself that are hard to blog through. I won’t blog about

  • my children’s real names
  • our last name
  • the exact location we live in
  • the schools the children attend
  • their teachers…friends…grades…classes
  • the exact name of their sports teams or the organizations they play for

So, what do I write about? [dead silence] Took me a moment to think of an answer to this one. While I may put restrictions on what I blog about, I do blog about

  • products, services, travel destinations that we love
  • our general location — between DC and Baltimore
  • the activities the kids do minus the details
  • anything we are going to do as a family, but I generally only post after we have done it

Instead, of worrying what I CAN’T blog about, I should focus on what I CAN blog about. How do you blog through the times when you have trouble blogging?

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