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I don’t know about you but I fell in to blogging.

Moms who Blog at General Mills #tabletalkI never set out to make a career in blogging. I read a few blogs. Clicked a few buttons. Joined a few networks. Marvelled at the free stuff I was shipped. Stressed about writing a good review. Developed intermittent writers’ block. Decided “What the heck!” I am going to write honestly about the product. Entered a few giveaways. Ran my own giveaways. Discovered the wonder that is “random.org” — a tool for indecisive people. Got a few people visiting and commenting on my blog. Joined online communities like MomSpark.net. Met all sorts of amazing people on twitter. Met some of those people at conferences and events (Hi MomSpark, MommaDJane, PrincessHaley, and LizzyDear [is in the picture above and so am I]!). And before you knew it I was a “Mommy Blogger.”

Here’s the thing some people find the terms “Mommy Blogger” and “Mom Blogger” to be offensive and derogatory. I have attended conferences where moms are almost in tears describing how belittled they feel about being called “Mommy Blogger” by PR reps who are often not moms or men. I have used both terms and called myself a “mom who blogs.” I think all three terms work. I’m not ready (nor successful enough!) to call myself a “social media maven,” “a twitter rockstar,” or an “entrepreneur.” A mom who blogs/writes/tweets/moderates/promotes…works for me.

What’s your take on the term? Is Mommy Blogger offensive to you? Do you mind being addressed as an Mommy Blogger by PR or your peers? What term do you prefer to use?

We’re breaking new ground…no group of women has had this much influence over products/brands/buying power. Perhaps we could call ourselves “pioneers”!

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