Volleyball Tournament: We Survived

Have I mentioned that we live at volleyball tournaments? That I am constantly washing volleyball uniforms? That I am in a constant panic about whether or not I washed the right uniform shirt or not? That I trip over knee pads, volleyball shoes, and assorted bags on a regular basis? That I need a spreadsheet to figure out who takes whom to volleyball practice and who stays home with the other kids?

No, well, that is pretty much our life right now with two children on travel volleyball teams. We have a couple more practices and one more 3-day tournament and we are done.

Don’t get me wrong — I love that my children have found a sport they love. My husband coaches Sporty Daughter’s team this year and has coached Crafty Daughter’s team in previous years. He loves coaching. I love watching my daughters play. So what is my gripe? The preparation and planning that is required to get everyone ready for the games. You know me…once a complainer, always a complainer.

I’m also not much in to laundry. [Would totally love to be a #frigidaireteam mom or a #purex mom. I absolutely think that these products would help my laundry issues! Frigidaire and Purex, I’m available!]

Some thoughts from the all-day volleyball tournament:

The relief at finding that the Dairy_Mooseum while not open at least had a self-guided tour and a tot lot for my son to run off steam in before we walked in to the all-day volleyball tournament at the Germantown_Sportsplex.

The fun my son had watching a caterpillar climb on a teeny tiny skateboard. Priceless.

The joy at watching my son slide the teeny tiny skateboard down the slide without the caterpillar, but with an equally minute Lego skeleton guy.

The panic that I experienced as I pulled up to the all-day tournament and realized I had no toys for my son to play with, no Nintendo DS, nada, nyet (sp?). A giant mommy fail. C- for preparation and planning.

The joy at remembering the teeny tiny Lego skeleton guy and the teeny tiny Spongebob skateboard — at least we had something.

The realization that we had 4 folding chairs in 4 different locations around the gym. We move wherever the children are playing.

Multitasking at its best — standing between two courts watching Child #1 play a game, while simultaneously watching Child #2 play her game, while also tossing a ball to Child #3. Multitasker — that’s me.

The kids who played with my son in the gym — thank you so very much.

The extra volleyballs and empty courts that my younger children played with while my oldest played her final playoff match.

The helpful teen who scaled a wall to retrieve a stuck volleyball.

The giggles from watching my son contort himself in a folding lawn chair. Think: Snoopy and the folding lawn chair in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

The mom in the skintight, figure hugging, sprayed on shirt…one question why wear this to a volleyball tournament?

The soccer game that my son and I watched as a break from the volleyball.

The sunlight that we enjoyed after 4 hours cooped up in the gymnasium. It truly blinded our eyes!

The cleanup crew who were all sweeping the floors with mops while talking on the phone. Multitasking as well.

The mess on the floor from all the candy, slurpees, Italian ices, and pizza left on the floor by the kids. A mop was not up to task, perhaps a Zamboni might do a better job.

The moms from one team who had orange Shamwows cut in to pom poms for cheering their girls on.

Free stuff!

Tried to get to Mount Airy for the free burritos at California_Tortilla missed it due to match running over. Arrived to see people standing outside, workers lounging inside, and doors locked. Apparently restaurant closed at 8 p.m. today as it was opening day. Will open until 11 p.m. tomorrow — part of normal schedule. Expressed my annoyance to manager. She gave me free taco coupons. Felt slightly better. Once home I checked website to see no mention of early closing on opening day. Grrrr.

My family were not amused by this turn of events, especially as everyone but me wanted to stop at the California Tortilla in Germantown. Never fear though as…

Five_Guys came to the rescue. Also, in Mount Airy at 505 E Ridgeview Blvd. Delicious burgers and fries, plus all the peanuts you could eat. My kids loved experimenting with different types of sodas.

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