Umbrella Hat or Not?

This might possibly be the most ridiculous item I have seen in quite some time. Not only it is an absurd hat…but look at the model. Why the crossed eyes and the tongue sticking out? Is the hat not enough? Does the wearer have to act like an idiot? People, it’s late and this is what I ponder when it is late.

To buy this — and if you do buy it, please send me a photo of (1) you wearing the umbrella hat and (2) your friend upon first seeing you wearing the umbrella hat. I want to see the expression on the friend’s face when you arrive wearing this chapeau de plume. I think plume is an umbrella — French, anyone? Bueller?
You can find it at — entertain your inner child/dork — for $6.99. Hey for that price you could buy two — one for you and one for your friend.
Funny blogging note: What happens if the PR company for the umbrella hat contacts me for a review? Do I accept or reject? If I accept is it O.K. to wear the hat around my house or am I obligated to wear it outside…in public…with people watching…I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

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