Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Janice and Susan from 5minutesformom.com are hosting the Ultimate_Blog_Party_2009. Mommybloggers, daddybloggers, mompreneur bloggers, and other bloggers can post about their blog on the 5 Minutes for Mom site at the Mr. Linky links.

Over the next week I plan on visiting AND commenting on other blogs. If you are stopping by, Welcome! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know you stopped by!

So, without further ado the questions and answers that you might have about me and this blog…

Who am I? I am MusingsfromMe (formerly Mom on the Run) a 40-mumble something SAHM to three children. My children provide me hours of enjoyment as well as much to blog about.

I twitter as MusingsfromMe

I blog at https://www.writingmylifeoneblogatatime.blogspot.com/

Who do I blog about?

Coach Dad — husband; father; high school English teacher turned administrator; Coach of Sporty Daughter‘s volleyball team; quiet, albeit puzzled supporter of my current blogging and writing pursuits

Crafty Daughter — bright, headstrong, talented, headstrong, creative, oh and did I mention headstrong, 13-year-old daughter who is a member of a travel volleyball team

Sporty Daughter — funny, musical, finder of all things lost, voracious reader, always active 10-year-old daughter who plays on a travel volleyball team and swims yearround

Adventure Boy — Star Wars obsessed, wii playing, kindergarten learning 5-year-old who played soccer, basketball, and t-ball for the first time this year

Minivan — Our second home on wheels. This van gets us to volleyball matches, swim meets, and Pizza Hut on those nights I cannot face cooking. Stores everything from soccer chairs to ZipNGoBlanket, newspapers to Car_DVD_Player, and clothes to pillows.

What do I do? I’m the Preteen Editor at TypeAMom. I contribute articles to TypeAMom.net, MomSpark, and Addsyou.com. Lately I have guest posted at JessicaKnows, SpookiezSpot, and at https://www.blog.geezeo.com/. If you need a guest poster, I would be glad to oblige.

Oh, and there are a couple of items I have my eye on over at 5_Minutes_for_Mom

19 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
Provided by: Shoot-Me-Now

21 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
Provided by: Agoosa – Funny Name, Sound Advice

22 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
Provided by: Beginner Baby Blog

What? You don’t like Target!? I’m 30 minutes from a Target so don’t get there very often. This is just as well since I spend too much money at Target. A gift card would certainly help my bank account.

Other items I have my eye on as prizes…

10 — One copy of “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting”Provided by: Author & professional speaker, L. Diane Wolfe www.spunkonastick.net

58 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer
Provided by: Moms Who Think

44 – $15 Usborne Books gift certificate
Provided by: Moving Forward

72 – $10 gift card to McDonalds
Provided by: Shop with Me Mama

See you around the bloggie block!

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