Twitter Leads to Missing Ring?

I saw a tweet from @ritaarens about a missing wedding ring. I read back a few entries to see that she had lost the ring at a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Missouri. The story was that she tried on a pair of shoes, put the shoes back in the box, and left the store. Later she realized her ring was missing. When she went back to the store she found that someone had purchased the shoes, called the store to talk about finding the ring, but there the trail stopped as Dick’s never got the name and phone number of the caller. @rita arens of is now understandably distraught and frustrated with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I love that she received such positive support from twitter. Twitter is like the office water cooler.

I weighed in on the issue in a comment. Nothing more I can do really.

Hi Rita
I followed part of your story on twitter. I got breathless as I
read about your search…hoping that the next tweet would be “Eureka! Ring
found.” I’m so sorry it is still missing in action. Good for you for getting in
the grill of the Dick’s Copr. Machine. Accountability is key for companies. The
girl/guy who took the call should be instructed about when to get a name and
phone number…this is so obvious.

I had a similar situation in Safeway. I was loading some groceries in
several plastic bags while wrangling three kids who all wanted candy. I heard a
“clink” and immediately knew my ring had fallen off. I thought I was wearing
wedding and engagement ring. I was sure I had lost the engagement ring. I was
frantic, asked around, searched the ground to no avail. I got all three kids
back to the car and called my husband so that he could do a search at home. I
spent 15 minutes anxiously waiting at Safeway. He called back and said the ring
was at home. I must have heard a clink and assumed the worst. I was so relieved.
I rarely wear the engagement ring as it has a diamond. The wedding band is plain

Here’s to a call back from the Sunday caller.

P.S. Doesn’t the store have caller ID? Kind of thinking the company would
have no hesitation searching phone records if there was a bomb threat.

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