Twitter and Me in 140 Characters or More

Ideally I would like my Twitter posts to be 1500 characters or more like my puzzle…but, it looks as though I will have to deal with 140 characters or less.

I like Twitter because I can read short bursts about what is going on in someone’s work or home life or work/home life if WAHM. Twitter is like a mini soap opera. I tend to avoid the drama. There are those who like to stir up trouble by writing inflammatory statements about others, but I prefer to stick with my “boring” mommy blogger friends. We stick together on Twittet…down with the “twitholes.” “Twitholes” was first coined by Kelby Carr @typeamom.

I use Twitter to describe my day-to-day activities. Not sure who really cares about what I am doing, but occasionally I get a supportive DM/reply that validates my concerns or confirms that I made the right decision.

I also use Twitter to publicize my writing on,,, and other sites using “twityou.”

140 characters or less for a wordy person like myself is a challenge…see above answer to previous question showcasing my inability to get to the point! I have become more adept at getting my point across in 140 characters by being brief.

Twitter comments sometimes spark my creativity to become blog posts. Kills two birds with one stone. Hay, isn’t the twitter mascot a bird!?!?

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