TCB Writing Prompt #1: What Kind of Writer Am I?

Either a writer doesn’t want to talk about his work, or he talks about it more than you want.
– Anatole Broyard

My first writing prompt of the year. Perhaps my first writing prompt ever?! First on my blog. I’ve done writing prompts for classes and such.

Where to begin? First off, I’m not a writer. Not a trained writer at least. A journeyman writer. One of my taglines was “writing a blog as life or living to blog” or something like that. I often call myself a person “pretending to be a writer on the internet.” We Brits are a self-deprecating lot, aren’t we? You won’t hear me tooting my own horn. Of course that could be why I’m not a big-time blogger.

I have love hate relationship with the big-time bloggers. You know the ones. The ones who promote themselves every change they get. Their social media streams are full links to posts they have written, brands they are promoting, and even when you chat to them in person they tell you about their latest and greatest news. But, here’s the thing, these big-time bloggers are at the very least making their blog be the blog you go to for something…product reviews, cute baby pics, household DIY projects, printables, etc.

Maybe these big-time bloggers are doing it right? I’m nowhere close to being in the big leagues. I skirt about the edges. I’m known in the blogosphere…at least more people genuinely seem to know who I am than give me a puzzled look when I introduce myself to them at events or conferences. Don’t you hate when someone honestly doesn’t know who you are? Awk-ward.

Of course “known in the blogosphere”…what does that actually mean anyway? And that’s where the big-time bloggers should get props and kudos. These ladies and some gentlemen know how to market themselves as the go-to source for thimbles or widgets or whatever. And here I am blogging about musings on being the mom of kids, preteens, and teens. Even though I recently added a subhead “Seizing Family Time,” so that my focus is on family-friendly products, entertainment, and travel, is it enough? Am I known in the blogosphere for my seizing family time and kids/tweens/teens posts OR am I more well-known for being who I am? That’s a question isn’t it?

I want to be known for my blog and what I can contribute to everyone, but when I have gaps in blogging I begin to wonder what it is that I am doing in this here blogosphere. Would love your thoughts? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you come to my blog?

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