Top 10 Pet Peeves about the Pool

Another in my series of “giving new life to old posts” saved in draft…

  1. People who change babies on top of picnic tables. Gross.
  2. People who change older kids behind a towel instead of going to changing room. Give your child some dignity.
  3. Piles of fresh poop on the floor of a waterpark changing room. Had to change my toddler’s diaper on my lap. I’m still traumatized.
  4. Lifeguards who are more interested in flirting with other lifeguards than in mopping the floors and tidying changing rooms.
  5. Drinking alcohol. We see you drinking out of your red Solo cup and you are not fooling anyone. 
  6. Ditto, weed.
  7. People who yell at or bully teen lifeguards. Get a life.
  8. People who try to get in to a swim club without paying. 
  9. Parents who let very young non swimmers run around the pool without supervision. Please…you make ALL of us nervous. And putting various swim vests and floatation devices on your child will not help. Book swim lessons!
  10. People who play music too loud. Headphones were invented for a reason!

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