This Week Might Be the Death of Me…Seriously

It sounded like a plan. A crazy plan, but a plan nonetheless.

If you know me at all you know I am all about getting everything done all at once. Have a doctor’s appointment. Hey why don’t we schedule 2 or 3. While we’re doing the doctors’ appointments, why not run a quick errand and hey let’s get the emissions done while we are out. It’s a marathon not a sprint. I’ve been known to run 8 or 9 errands/appointments in a day. Crazy? Yes. But, do I get everything out of the way on the same day? Yes. Do I make everyone in my family utterly insane in the process? Why Yes!

In fact, one day over Spring Break my daughter had an eye exam, a doctor’s appointment, and the dentist all in one day. I was elated. She was exhausted. Complained bitterly about missing a day of her vacation. But, as I told her at least I didn’t have to pull her out of school for 3 separate afternoons. She’s a Teen so she gets that missing high school classwork is more trouble than it is worth. Any class she misses means that she needs to do all her work for the class, plus homework, plus catch up on any notes given out. Even with my explanation she still wasn’t thrilled at the interruption to her sleeping, ipoding, writing, Facebooking, and general hanging out schedule. Again, I don’t blame her in the least. But, I have to tell you that I got a charge out of crossing off 3 appointments from the kitchen chalk memo board.

The chalk memo board is showing some serious crazy this week. The Kid is signed up for an afternoon camp. With swim practice, this week would have been doable. Throw in an all-day, worthwhile camp for the Teen and the level of crazy goes up several notches. Add in an unexpected but necessary camp for the Tween and the level of crazy is off the charts. And that’s not all. Oh no. Because Coach Dad has work for 4 days this week. And little ole me, well I have my work commitments. Crazy plus crazy plus crazy equals crazy.

But, think of all the crossing off I can do on the memo board? Camp. Check. Camp. Check. Camp. Check. That’s a whole lotta of crazy crossing off I can do.

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