Things That Make Me Go…Hmmmmm — The Health Club

The lady who walked back and forth behind treadmills looking at each machine’s display to see who would finish first. A few of the treadmillers noticed the person walking and a few didn’t.

Young girl who sat in her car for an agonizing 3 minutes while I waited to pull in to parking space. Late for swimming, again. Seriously what was she doing in the car for so long?!?

Lady in Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt dribbling basketball alongside with 5-year-old boy while all around her huge guys pounded balls in to the basket. Wait…hmmmm…what was that…well, O.K. this one is me. Hey, I didn’t realize I was wearing a Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt and really, could I have looked any more matronly than I did.

Older gentleman in street clothes who carries his workout gear in a bag from a cigar company.

Young guys who wear t-shirts split all the way down both sides. Why? Is it so they are at least wearing a shirt? Because, really, a shirt split down both sides is really not a shirt but a smock.

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