Thin Readers: Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again! #giveaway

Thin Optics LogoDisclosure: I was sent a phone case and a pair of Thin Readers to facilitate my review.

You always remember big events in your life. They stick in your mind. You can recall everything. Every little detail. When I walked out of the eye doctor wearing glasses for the first time, it was as though I was walking up a steep hill. The ground in front of me made me step higher and higher. It was like I was walking upstairs. I was 11, wearing glasses for the first time, and quite frankly I was a bit terrified. Would I always feel as though I was walking uphill? Would my eyes ever get used to wearing glasses? I suspect that my brain was just overwhelmed seeing well for the first time in ages. I had been having trouble seeing the blackboard all of 6th grade before I failed the school eye test. I was NOT happy. I hated the idea of having to wear glasses. That was until I put them on and saw what I had been missing. Once my eyes got over the initial shock of seeing well, I got used to my glasses. Glasses and contacts were my way of life until I was almost 40 and finally got up the nerve to have laser eye surgery.

Not wearing glasses or contacts after eye surgery was an EYE opener to say the least! It was cool to wake up and see the alarm clock or read all the numbers on the DVD player. To this day, I still get a kick out of what I can see. Although I had to admit a couple of years ago that I was having a harder and harder time seeing small print. I would squint. Scrunch my eyes really tight. And even with all the squinting and scrunching I still couldn’t read the find print on a prescription bottle. I was frustrated, but knew that needing reading glasses after surgery was less a side effect of surgery and more a result of my advancing years. Gosh, isn’t growing old fun…NOT!

Reading glasses became necessity. After initially balking at wearing reading glasses, I had to reluctantly admit that I could read every single word on the page of my book. Even the teeniest of print on a pill bottle is readable to me. No squinting for me! My only problem, besides having to wear reading glasses, is FINDING my reading glasses. I’m no where near ready to wear them on a chain around my neck. I don’t put them on my head either. I store them in a glasses case. But I never can seem to find that glasses case. I’m constantly losing it.

Thin Readers, Thin Optics, Android, Glasses in a phone case, Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsing Galaxy 4Enter Thin Readers. The idea behind Thin Readers is that you will always have your reading glasses close at hand. The Thin Readers are stowed in a small pouch on the back of a cell phone cover. Like me, you probably ALWAYS know where your phone is, but glasses? Not so much. So combining glasses and phone in to one case. is brilliant

What are Thin Readers?

  • Flexible.
  • Won’t break.
  • One size fits all, but you can flex to adjust the fit.
  • You can wear on the top of your nose, or at the end of your nose.
  • Thin Readers come in your choice of iPhone and Android phone cases.

Go to the Thin Optics site to browse cases and learn more about Thin Readers.


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This contest ends 11:59 pm, April 4, 2014. You must follow the rules to be eligible for a prize. The winners will be emailed and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. This contest is open to contiguous U.S. residents.

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