The Worst Vacation Ever

Kids on a beach wearing swimsuits and rashguard shirtsAs a kid, I stayed at a hotel on the Greek Island of Corfu. During the two-week stay, my family experienced a multitude of issues. Seriously, it was like the universe decided to cause a tsunami of disruption during our vacation!

  1. On the way to the airport, the dad of one of the families we were traveling with announced that the holiday was “make or break” for his marriage. I don’t recall if I heard this or was told this. I was 8 so I probably didn’t understand the ramifications…
  2. The hotel was overbooked so we had to stay one night at another hotel. We were 3 families…6 parents and 6 kids ranging in age from 6 through 18. We were a Home Alone on the way to Paris mob!
  3. Goats wandered on the hotel grounds of the temporary hotel getting in the way of guests. Didn’t guests complain?
  4. My mother found a fly in her soup. Did I mention the soup was carrot?
  5. Once back at the original hotel, we all got a stomach bug. One by one, we were all down for the count. There was no doctor nearby. I’m imagining that the adults took turns watching the kids and running out to get meds.
  6. If a stomach bug wasn’t enough, some of us got severe sun poisoning. I was completely sunburned on my back and legs from lying on a raft in the hotel pool. Couldn’t wear shoes for days. Had to be slathered in calamine lotion at night to be able to sleep. Calamine lotion was a pink, thick liquid that caked and cracked after being applied…nowadays I would use Aloe Vera Gel to soothe sun burned skin.
  7. The trip was capped off when a waiter doing the Greek dance with a glass on his head, dropped the glass. Glass went all over the pool deck and into the pool. The pool had to be drained. No more swimming.
  8. The food at the hotel was not a good fit for my 8-year-old palate. Stuffed vine leaves. Olives. Yogurt dressing. Yuck.

What was your worst vacation?

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