The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: A Photo Story

I have started this post many times. Try as I might I cannot adequately sum up the new Harry Potter ride in words. Words and photos, but not words alone.

Edited to add: I finally published this post only to lose it and every other post I wrote in March to the #GreatServerHostFail2011. I was so annoyed when I realized that not only did my host’s servers fail, which sunk my blog for a few days, BUT my host’s webserver backup also failed. When my blog resurfaced it was the February 3, 2011 version NOT the March 3, 2011 version. Ticked! I’m STILL rewriting posts from the crash!

So, without further ado, I present to you…for the second and hopefully last time…the Musings from Me Family at play at Islands of Adventure! The Wizarding World pf Harry Potter is a self-contained “world” within Islands of Adventure. Islands of Adventure is adjacent to Universal Studios. Each park requires a separate admission, unless you purchase a Park-to-Park Access pass.

The Kid, The Teen, and The Preteen outside the Hogwarts Castle gate
Towers and gargoyle’s..oh my!
Guess who lives here?*
And the Sorting hat says…. “House of Gryffindor”!
Decisions. Decisions. Wand choosing is a tricky business.
Guzzling butter beer at the Three Broomsticks.


My family and I had an amazing time in Orlando in January. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for family…thanks to Universal Studios and Loews! We stayed at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel — post and pics…lots of pics to follow.

We all enjoyed riding the rides, watching the shows, and meeting the characters at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Our trip was a “seizing family time” experience. My Teen expressed how grateful she was to be able to go on the trip. My Tween was all smiles after riding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ride a record 5 times! My Kid said to me in all sincerity… “Mommy, you won’t stop blogging will you? I love going on these blogging trips.” Thanks so much to Universal and Loews for showing our family such fabulous hospitality and allowing us to Seize Family Time!

Our park passes and hotel accommodation were provided by Universal Studios — Orlando and the Loews Hotels.

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