The Last Gasp of Christmas

Razor ride-on…here comes Crafty Daughter! Pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Two-wheeler time for Adventure Boy. Toe socks and flip flops, but of course.

Christmas will officially conclude tonight as Crafty Daughter has her volleyball Secret Santa dinner. It has been a long, yet very fun Christmas. The kids were off for a full two weeks. Unheard of. Husband was off the day before Christmas Eve through today. We’ve eaten…played wii… opened toys…played wii…socialized with family…watched movies…and played wii. All-in-all a great Christmas, but I’m ready for the festivities to end.

The inflatables are lying flat on the ground outside. The tree has not been turned on since last week. The turkey, egg nog ($4.49 a jug at 7-11!), and pumpkin pie are long gone. We have a couple of movies left to watch: Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mummy, and Bob the Builder.

Crafty Daughter turns 13 on January 12…all decorations must come down by then. So not looking forward to dismantling Christmas even if Christmas is over and done with.

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