Domestic Violence and Teens: The Christina-Kiefer Storyline

General Hospital Brand AmbasadorAs the mom of a young teen, the Christina-Kiefer storyline makes me wince. I don’t like hearing about how rough Kiefer is with Christina. I would rather not hear about early, possibly unprotected sex. La la la I can’t hear it!

These two are simply too young to be so intimate. I do not know how I would handle hearing that one of my children was having sex in high school. If sex in high school isn’t troubling enough, how about a boy physically assaulting a girl. Yikes and double yikes.

Abuse is another issue I would hope one of my children would never have to face in a partner. I know that I would not/will not tolerate abuse of any kind. Can you imagine wondering when your partner will decide to hit you? I know the Christina-Kiefer storyline needs to be told. For me seeing Christina with a bulging bruised eye and face was terrifying.

On a lighter note. Any scenes with the younger actors pique my curiosity. I don’t know how they do, but General Hospital casting directors have a knack for choosing young actors who can act and somewhat resemble their TV parents. It’s uncanny, how much Christina looks like Sonny.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.

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