Teen Lit: Jumping on the Bandwagon…Late

About 3 or so years ago, my oldest asked to buy a book from the middle school book fair. I’m all about reading and rarely turn down a child’s request to buy a book. I sent her to school with about $20 and she came home with a hard cover of The Hunger Games.

Some time later she asked to buy Catching Fire and Mockingjay. At about the same time I started hearing about this series of books. I didn’t know the name of the author. I probably should have read the books before my daughter read them, but she’s a very advanced reader. Has been a voracious reader since preschool days, so most of the time she is ahead of the curve on reading. For instance, she had devoured most of the Junie B. Jones series in kindergarten.

In true-me fashion, I picked up the first book in The Hunger Games series about a month ago. I had asked my daughter if I could borrow her copy, but her book was out on loan to a friend or two. As I say she’s always ahead of the curve.

Once the book was back in our home, I started reading it. (Between you and me, I think my daughter was a little puzzled that I wanted to read it!) It was a little slow going at first. I did have a few thoughts of “What is all the fuss about?” However, once Katniss got to the Hunger Games it was on for me. I wanted her to win…in spite of the odds and obstacles placed before her.I rooted for her. I now see how this book resonates with kids, tweens, and teens.

For those who haven’t read or finished the first book, I won’t spoil it for you. I finished the second book two weeks ago, so if you have read Mockingjay don’t spoil the ending for me!

In other Hunger Games news, you can tune in to Yahoo! Movies to see a live stream of the world premiere of The Hunger Games. Can you image being at the premiere of this movie? The screaming on the red carpet must have been deafening! Have no fear…the move opens in theaters and on IMAX on March 23. You can use this link to buy tickets in advance.

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