Table Talk Tuesday

It doesn’t look as though Christy is doing her Table Talk Tuesday, but….

Dinnertime at our house is either a relaxed, leisurely meal, with hopefully all kids eating OR a mad dash, free-for-all, slurpin’ soup, crammin’ food in mouth, race to the finish line nightmare. Tonight will be the latter type of dinner. Tuesday is back-to-back swim practices and a workout thrown in for me…woohoo. Roll on indigestion!

Here’s my topic for tonight’s dinnertime:

Who is your favorite person from history?

Now two of my children are in elementary school, so I am predicting that one or the other will mention George Washington or Abraham Lincoln since President’s Day was last weekend. I may be surprised.

I’ll let you know what they say…

Hopefully she will be back next week and when the link is back up… If you want to participate, hop on over to Christy’s blog RealLifeAdventures and sign up for Mr. Linky.

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