Sweet But Very Low in Calories. 5 Calories!

Bai BottlesDisclosure: I was sent a sample pack of Bai drinks to facilitate my review post.

He likes it with ice. I don’t. He can drink one straight from the pantry shelf. I can’t. He orders extra ice. I ask for less. We’re a bit “Jack Sprat and wife” when it comes to how we like our drinks. After growing up in the land of tepid drinks with little to no ice, I now cannot drink a drink unless it is chilled and refrigerated. Whether it is juice or soda, all my husband needs is a glass of ice and he is good to go. While I’m that annoying customer who asks the person at the fast food restaurant for less ice as I see them filling my cup to the brim.

Even our choice of drinks is different. He will drink any kind of soda, diet or regular, while I will only drink diet. Unlike me, he prefers fruit juice to water. I find fruit juices too sweet. Often the oh-so-sweet taste of fruit juice is just too much for me.

Recently I was sent a case of a new fruit juice. When I read that Bai juices were made from rich coffeefruit I was intrigued. What is a coffeefruit anyway? I had never heard of it. Plus, I’m not a fruit juice drinker, so would I even like it?

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked all of the Bai drinks. O.K., I wasn’t fond of the Molokai Coconut, but I still drank it. The other flavors were quite delicious.

But back to coffeefruits. I’m a coffee drinker and I like to think that I know coffee, but I had never heard of coffeefruit. According to DrinkBai.com:

  • The coffee bean is found inside the coffeefruit. So…the inside of the coffeefruit contains the elixir of life that gives me the pep to get up and go each morning. I know coffee well!
  • The outside casing around the coffee bean is the “juicy red protector” called “superfruit.”
  • These “antioxidant-rich berries” are “free-radical fighting powerhouses that delivers refreshing, pure fruit flavor.”
  • Each Bai drink is only 5 calories, 1 gram of sugar per serving. 100% all natural, and antioxidant rich…and quite tasty, too.

I drank the Bai drinks ice cold from the fridge and from the pantry shelf. I preferred drinking it ice cold, but it was fine the other way. Bai flavors include:

  • Brasilia Blueberry — my favorite
  • Congo Pear
  • Costa Rica Clementine
  • Ipanema Pomegranate
  • Limu Lemon
  • Malawi Mango
  • Molokai Coconut — mix with rum for a low calorie Pina Colada
  • Panama Peach
  • Sumatra Dragonfruit

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