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I hear people talk about the office or going to work or commuting. I laugh at their funny tales of office shenanigans. I hear the tales of woe. I hear them vent about co-workers or office politics or crazy bosses and sympathize. Truthfully there are days I miss working in an office. I miss the stability of a regular paycheck. I miss getting paid vacation. But then I think about the politics of working in an office. I think about having one or two or many bosses all demanding that I complete their project first. So all in all working from home is a better option for me.

I’m the same way with shopping. I much prefer shopping from the comfort of my home. You would think with three kids…two of whom are teen girls that I would be at the mall on a weekly basis. But I am not. My girls follow my lead and like to browse online for clothing or shoes or books. They know what sizes they need. They know what sites they want to explore. They even search for promo codes. Both are a chip off the ole block! I NEVER buy anything without first searching exhaustively for a discount or shipping code.

I don’t buy often, but when I do I want to get as much bang for my buck. I’m the shopper who would prefer to buy an item of high quality that will last, rather than buying something cheaper and having to replace over and over again. Early on my husband and I made the mistake of buying a cheap particle board, laminate covered desk and matching bookcases. The desk literally disintegrated in to sawdust, while the shelves are terribly lobsided. You know the old adage “You get what you pay for,” well it is SO true. I’d rather spend a bit more so that I can keep the item forever…at least that’s what I would like to do!

Since I am a lover of online shopping, I was asked to set up a new kind of shop. Consignd features stores where shopkeepers, like me, hand pick items. Consignd is my online store. My place on the ‘net to show you what I love. I set up my store to feature interesting wares and unique items. I added a lit bit of this and a dash of that. While the items are not bargain-basement priced, I select high quality items in a variety of price points. Do you want to take a peek?

I guess you could say that I am not a store owner, but I play one on the internet! Though I make very few purchases throughout the year, I love Consignd’s goal of changing the rules of online retail to benefit those behind the creation of products and those who share their stories. Here’s a sampling of what you will find in my store. The 16″ Cutting Board would add a touch of earthiness to any kitchen counter. I’m in love with the iPhone 4/4S Leather Back cover from Valentine Goods. So sturdy and practical, with a touch of class. And I couldn’t resist the whimsy of the Andrew Neyer Tote Bag.

Consignd takes the old retail model and removes the retailer, instead relying on a new form of social distribution, where a blogger like myself can showcase products she loves. The outcome is simple: consumers can buy directly from the maker, makers get their stories heard across the web, and those who helped share them share in their success. Consignd is made with love in NYC.

Want to learn more about my Consignd store?

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