Stumped on a Holiday Gift?

A guest post by Tanya Tashjian

It’s always difficult to think of something nice to get your parents or relatives for Easter (or Passover). Gift Baskets are the perfect thing!

Gourmet Gift Baskets have Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, peeps, a fluffy bunny (stuffed animal) and tons of other candy and chocolates.

There are also SO many assorted baskets to choose from including the following items:

* imported wines (with many different assortments)
* coffee and dark chocolates
* fruits, nuts & jam
* a health basket
* kosher gift basket (for Passover/Hanukkah)
* cheese, sausage & crackers
* assorted BEER baskets (how cool!)

You can customize a basket to fit anyone’s preferences and they will be sure to adore it. A bonus is, you get to keep the basket after for your own use.

For example, my cousin loves to use baskets to collect different trinkets and organize them in a display format. She also LOVES dark chocolate, cheese, and dessert wines. So I would get her a basket which included an assortment of all three of those items, and I know she’d be overjoyed when she received it. Plus, she’d also get to use the basket after.

My mom lives across the country in California and I don’t get to see her very often. I always have trouble deciding what kind of gift to get her. Flowers are so expensive and seem like a waste of money because they die so quickly. But, one of these gift baskets would be perfect for her for either her birthday or Mother’s day. She has been on Weight Watchers for about two and a half months now and has already lost 16 pounds! I know she would love it if I sent the health basket to her office one day. I may throw in a bottle of White Zinfandel (her favorite) just so she can treat herself a little, she deserves it.

You can’t go wrong when you give one of these baskets to a loved one!

This post was brought to you by your friends at Gourmet Gift Baskets.

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