Stay at Home Mom…Mmmm

This week 2 of staying with kids in school. I am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Haven’t I looked forward to this time alone for the years of crying babies, mischievous toddlers, crazy preschool schedules, etc.? I had a couple of planned activities, but nothing this week. My GYN appt. had to be rescheduled…I was so bent out of shape. What is my problem? Oh, well, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

2 comments for “Stay at Home Mom…Mmmm

  1. *~The Collins'~*
    September 9, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    I remember the first day my youngest son went to school. I basically cried all day long. It’s lonely when they all leave you after years of it all being about them. Just think of things you have always wanted to do and press forward… house projects, crafts/hobbies, lunch dates with friends… it’s YOU time. 🙂

    That is so cool that you are a Brit who married a yank and lives in Maryland… I lived there for about 25 years (in Silver Spring). We just moved to Utah last year. I was born in Reading, England. Some of my family is still there.

  2. Rebeckah
    September 16, 2008 at 12:09 am

    This post is so true. Sometimes I think “Gosh, if Kaish was just at school I could get so much done etc etc” and then he is in school all day and I feel lost. It’s a hard transition. Kaish’s school is on strike right now and I am actually LOVING our time together. I work at my best friend Jen’s house everyday and sometimes the fights between children get a little old, but we are having so many fun adventures every week. It is actually nice to go to fun places when they aren’t insanely crowded!

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