Spending Time With My Son…Priceless

Fabulous day with my son.

First we saw a screening of HOP with @MinkyMoo @1Momof5 @ILikeitFrantic @MaryMac @ThienKim and @UrbanMama. My son was interviewed, too! I’ll post a link when the interview is up on ivillage.

Next it was off to lunch with my son. We haven’t had lunch out alone — that wasn’t McDonald’s eaten on-the-go — in quite a long time. And we used his Birthday coupon while at Bob Evans. #win

Finally we hit Target for party favors, cleaning supplies, and treats for the rest of the family. Heavy cream for my teen to try to make butter beer. Animal crackers for my tween. And a couple of birthday gifts. All-in-all a great day!

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