Spanish for Little Ones: Boca Beth Is Best

boca-beth-logoOn a recent long car ride, my son watched the Boca Beth DVD. And, yes I know it seems as though my son is constantly viewing DVDs in the car…in actuality the car DVD player is only used for long trips, not a drive to the bank!

Haven’t heard of Boca Beth? I read a tweet from @bocabeth about a Spanish language DVD for little ones. Believe it or not I have never played a language DVD for the kids. I think I got a Spanish version DVD of Dora out of the library by accident. So a viewing of a language DVD is well overdue. 

My son thoroughly enjoyed watching Boca Beth: Family Concert Fun. The DVD is a recording of a stage show presented by Beth Butler and her friend Boca. Boca is a large bird. The audience was full of kids waving Boca hand puppets. The DVD features Beth explaining Spanish words and singing useful Spanish songs. I found the songs to be quite catchy. My son was singing along to a few of the songs. I would highly recommend purchasing a Boca Beth CD or DVD for your children who are 6 and under.

Beth describes her vision for Boca Beth as:

  • As a leader in the children’s edutainment industry we have gone greenin the packaging of our music CDs and DVDs. The eco-friendly packaging we are now using with our Boca Beth multimedia products features 100% recycled paper and 100% vegetable based inks so that all of it decomposes in our landfills.
  • The Boca Beth products showcase a true bilingual presentation – meaning English is placed right alongside Spanish for an easy point of reference for both child and adult. Many experts agree that this bilingual methodology is best for young children still acquiring skills in their native language.
  • We teach to the whole child– incorporating music for the auditory learner, DVDs for the visual learner, musical shakers and puppets for the kinesthetic / tactile learning and coloring/activity books for the beginning reading.
  • No second language experience is requiredto use our fun Boca Beth products and techniques – in fact, the latest research says you do not need to be a native speaker in order to introduce a second language to little children.
  • Our program and products have been created by a teacher, translated by native Spanish-speaking early childhood experts and used successfully in preschools, public schools and homes for more than six years.

For information on Boca Beth and how to purchase CDs and DVDs, go to

You can find Boca Beth on Facebook,

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