Snow Days

Today’s snow day was just what the kids wanted. But, wait Monday was a day off for them. And so was Friday. So today made it a 5-day weekend. Oh and did I mention that last week in addition to Friday off, the kids had two half-days? No wonder the kids loved today.

I was awoken to my teacher husband muttering something about having a two-hour delay. Next thing I heard him say was that the kids had a snow day. Poor husband! He had to drag his weary self to work while the rest of us snoozed. My son was the only one able to give him a coherent send-off to work.

My older two slept in while my youngest played in the snow. I was up and about by this point in the day. This sounds like a rosy, cozy picture except that I had to keep my youngest outside playing. Play outside = effort from mom.

He desperately wanted to go back inside after he did his “drag the recycling bags down the driveway” chore. “But, Mommy I have a video game to play!” I told him that I did not just spend 10 minutes stuffing hm in snow clothes for him to go back inside. He had fun after the initial struggle.

With snow days, almost a distant memory, what is your favorite snow day activity? Leave a comment.

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