Skeletons and Tombstones in Doctor’s Office

Why would a doctor’s office feel the urge to decorate for Halloween? Do other doctors decorate for holidays? Personally, I like a doctor’s waiting room to have chairs and magazines–that’s it, no other clutter. I am not a fan of toys at the pediatrician (too germy), either. The radiologists’ office had gone all out with cobwebs, skeletons, skulls, and tombstones. It’s the tombstones that bother me the most. Why have something so morbid in a place where there is already enough worry about test results? Mammograms, Dexa scans, x-rays–all tests where you must wait for someone to deliver the news to you…good and bad.

As I entered the radiologist on Tuesday for my yearly mammogram, I felt tense and apprehensive. The yearly test is the one I dread…the test was quick, yet sharply painful and uncomfortable. Lucky for me the test was over in less than 5 minutes, but it was an intense time as I tried to put any thoughts of a problem out of my mind and focused solely on the test at hand. A very “let’s get this over with” approach.

My fellow waiters in the waiting room were glancing at the TV, perusing magazines, and steadfastly not making eye contact with any other person at all. I wonder if I was the only one wondering why the office was decorated for Halloween.

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