Shark Grab-n-Bag Scooper

shark-grab-and-go1I posted earlier this week about my interview segment with Lesli Foster from Channel 9. I had a fun time putting the Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Scooper through its paces. I used the Scooper before Lesli and David, the cameraman, got to my house. I found the Scooper to be effective on some liquids, but not with others.

The product: The Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Scooper is a battery operated device for picking up food or other messy items from the kitchen or carpets. The wet or dry food or other materials like, paint or oil, are scooped in to the plastic bag attached to the Scooper while the user pushes the device towards the stain. Once the stain is contained the bag can be retracted and thrown in the trash. I found that for dry foods I could tip the contents of the bag in the trash can and reuse the bag.

The claim: The Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Scooper can pick up wet and dry foods from carpets and floors. 

So, what do you think? Did the Scooper work well for me?

The reality: The Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Scooper picked up a pudding from the kitchen floor reasonably well, but left part of the egg shell and part of the yolk from the two eggs that I dropped from kitchen counter height. The Scooper cleaned up all of the ketchup that I poured on the floor. No mess. Click here to see me in action with the Shark Grab-n-Bag Powered Scooper.

Now how did it do with dry cereal from carpet? This was a snap. Lesli Foster poured Rice Krispies on my carpet — don’t worry there was no milk! The Scooper picked up all, but a few Rice Krispies!

I would definitely buy this product even with the inconsistencies since no cleaning device can clean up messes 100 percent effectively. It would be a great part of my kitchen cleaning arsenal!

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