School Year’s Eve…Better Late than Never

Happy School Year’s Eve!

I know I’m a little late with this post, but a few things got in the way like the actual preparation for the first day of school and a blogger event that you might have heard mention on twitter #tabletalk. The event took me to Minneapolis, specifically the General Mills facility. I will post on my trip this weekend.

Our family tradition...the new kindergartener is given a bunch of balloons.

Our family tradition...the new kindergartener is given a bunch of balloons.

Due to my trip I was not home on School Year’s Eve. My family dropped me off at BWI on the morning of School Year’s Eve. There were a few tears from a certain just-turned 11-year-old, but she is a sensitive soul and likes everyone to be in the right location. Mommy is not supposed to be jetting off to Minneapolis on School Year’s Eve or any day for that matter.

I negotiated security, hung out at the airport, bought a coffee, spilled a coffee on my shirt, mopped coffee off my shirt, boarded the plane, arrived at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, and then got caught up in mingling with bloggers and General Mills people. I did not call home that evening to talk to the kids. I debated calling, but worried that I would disturb the calm of the evening. I knew my husband had the home team under control. As the lone member of the away team I allowed myself to enjoy my time away from home.

Before I left I purchased Lunchables. I refer to Lunchables as Mommy’s “once in a while, but don’t get used to it treat.” I generally buy Lunchables in the waning weeks of the school year when everyone including me is sick of sandwiches, soup, yogurt, and any other oft-purchased lunch item. The backpacks were packed. Clothes were picked out. Breakfast cereal was in the pantry. In short, everything was ready for back-to-school morning. Oh and I told my husband to take photos or else!

We didn’t have a School Year’s Eve party since we had my daughter’s 11th birthday the same weekend as my trip to Minneapolis. My daughter, her friends, and her siblings had great fun eating pizza, drinking juice, doing a treasure hunt, and watching the Wizards_of_Waverly_Place movie.

My hopes for the school year are the same, but different. I hope I can continue to have children who want to learn. I want them to love going to school. I know that there will be days when none of us wants to get out of bd and get moving, but I hope those days are few and far between. Specifically, I want the teen to continue believing in her ability to do math AND hand all her assignments in on time. I want the preteen to adjust to middle school AND tackle her work the way I know she can. For the kid, I want him to continue learning to read — he has come so far in a year — AND make friends. As for me I want to be a good mom, but also strike a balance between the computer work I do AND the housework and cooking that I ignore.

The idea for this post was brought to you by Cookie and the PTA. Cookie and the PTA came up with the idea to have a party, mark a beginning, and make New Year’s Resolutions to feel hopeful and more engaged in the calendar year. It’s like treating the school year like New Year’s Eve? PAAAAARTY!!!!!!!!

Check out School Year’s Eve to find out more.  What a great excuse to have a party and post the pictures on your blog!  We’d also love to hear your School Year’s Resolutions – your hopes and dreams for this upcoming year (and they don’t have to be about your kid earning A’s).  Think creating a proactive plan for homework made fun, exposure to a new language for both of you, or planning exciting once a week after-school activities that can be done together at home.

Make those resolutions!

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