SAHM Looking for Work

So I am now in the second month of staying home all day with kids in school. I hate to admit it but I am enjoying myself. From 8:20 until 3:20 p.m. it is me and whatever I decide to do with myself. I have done lunch with friends several times, quite a bit of volunteering at school, movie-watching while cleaning or folding laundry. Now have I added any money to the family kitty? Well, no. Have I taken money out of the family kitty? Well, no since I don’t shop.

Husband is exerting a little pressure through his “look for a job” conversations. I have applied for two jobs, but frankly my requirements for a job are limiting my choice. Must have school hours, not a home-based job, and not requiring afterschool care. So I am left with nothing. Oh, I know that there is something out there for me. Just need to give myself this semester to enjoy my time alone.

In my defense the house has never looked cleaner and I am cooking meals from scratch, which is a bonus since we need to eat dinner at 4:30 due to afterschool activities.

Check back with me in December or next week if husband’s hints get more intense.

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