Review: Word Girl New Episodes for Fall…A Sneak Peak

WordGirl makes me smile. Who can resist plucky Becky Botsford? She’s a preteen you know — I know a thing or two about ten-year-olds. Becky defeats villains with superpowers and a super vocabbulary.

Each episode highlights several words. This technique of repeating the words throughout the episode reinforces the words for a child. Kind of like reading a word in a book, seeing the word on the chalkboard in the classroom, or writing a word in a sentence. WordGirl captures these techniques.

New episodes are coming soon to a PBS station near you this fall.  WordGirl is a 2009 Emmy Award nominee!  (Check local listings.)

New episodes…

Violet (Maria Bamford, TV’s “American Dad”) and Becky compete for the coveted role of Juliet to play opposite the dreamy Hunter Throbheart (James Adomain, TV’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) in the school’s production of Romeo & Juliet.  Violet is cast as Juliet while Becky is the understudy.  When the Energy Monster captures Violet, Becky must chose between the role of a lifetime and saving her friend.
Vocabulary Words: Shimmer, Memorize

The city is hosting the Big Checker Championship and Bob has to face off against Tobey’s Robot, the Checkmate 3000! When Tobey (Patton Oswalt, TV’s “The King of Queens”) puts the pressure on to win, his robot snaps and WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face must team up to stop Checkmate from destroying the city.
Vocabulary Words: Champion, Vanquish

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