Reclaiming My Office

Me and my crew at Thanksgiving

December was a blur. So was January. No, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the holidays. Nor buried under a mound of Christmas wrapping paper. I am hazy about February and March as well. The holidays were long since over by March. So no holiday excuses apply. As I reflect back on the last four months, all I can say is “I survived!”

After the rush-rush of the start of the school year, I took on a series of assignments. The assignments sounded right up my alley. I knew the project would be open ended. I liked the idea of steady work. I can’t describe what I did as I am still under contract, but suffice it to say I yearned for the challenge. I knew I would improve my skills in many areas. Perhaps not “mad skillz” but skills none-the-less.

The work was exactly what I needed. It was like a writing bootcamp. I had to hone my writing skills, get to the point quickly, and learn how to research on a dime. I was stressed much of the time. Frazzled the rest of the time. Invigorated and inspired at the same time. I proved to myself that I can write quickly and speedily and get to the point. Sure, there were a few missteps a long the way. More than a few moments where I wasn’t sure I could think of another thing to write.

As I look back I see that I was so busy that there was no time for writer’s block. I simply had to get the projects done. And get them done quickly. I dug deep to find words. I searched hard for resources. I crafted words. I wrote hard. I got it done. Proud of myself and proud of what I accomplished. Too bad I can’s show you samples, but oh well. It was a learning experience like no other.

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