Real Simple — April 2009 — A Review

Real Simple. I’ve only seen this magazine once. Last spring I had a graphic design class. The professor recommended that we amass a collection of magazines featuring cool design styles. Real Simple was one of the magazines I saw on a rack in Borders, but did not choose. So, when I was contacted by Real Simple about reviewing the April 2009 I jumped at the chance. I just knew that I would love this magazine and I do.

Real Simple is quite simply a gem of a magazine. Every article was spot on and interesting to read.

Here’s a sampling of the articles I found intriguing both from the standpoint of informative content and interesting design:

The main article — Back-to-Basics Cleaning

  • Did you know that you can remove a tomato soup stain from a plastic food storage container by rubbing lemon on the stain?
  • Did you know that you can make your own wood furniture polish by mixing two cups of olive oil with the juice of one lemon?
  • Did you know that you can get rid of mineral deposits on a shower head by pouring vinegar in a plastic grocery bag, securing the bag over the shower head, and soaking overnight?
I did not know any of these cleaning tips. With all the furor over the toxicity of household cleaners it might be nice to go au naturel for a change, especially ingredients found around the house!

Two other articles I found useful in different ways.
The article “Can Facebook Be Your Friend?” is very appropriate for the 40-mumble-somethings. It seems as though all of my friends but a few lone holdouts are on Facebook. Facebook is the new e-mail of the whatever this decade is called. e-mail was the new phone call back in the 90s. What communication device will come next?

The author — Susan Dominus — speculates about what Facebook is. Is it a “great organization tool”? Or, is it a “great time waster”? Or, is it “great for keeping in touch with friends”? For me Facebook is all of the above. I quite simply love this network. I have reconnected with an elementary school friend from England, a couple of hysterically funny work friends from my first job, and cousins who I haven’t seen in years. For me Facebook is Funbook. Good article!

Dinner prep is for me my least fun part of the day. I will put it off until the last possible second and then I become a burning, scattered brained mess in the kitchen. Recipe planning would help. Menu planning would help. I’m not the type of cook who has any skill in the “let’s look in the pantry and find ingredients for dinner.” I look in the pantry and do not have a clue. Tucked in the back of the magazine — a gem of an article “Five Easy Dinners.”I found a recipe for chicken with tarragon and leaks and another for spaghetti with quick meat sauce. Yummy!
The kicker…I cooked dinner using a recipe in one of the ads in Real Simple.
Real Simple is online…

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