RAK: Random Acts of Kindness

Over at Mommy Gossip bloggers are blogging about Random Acts of Kindness or RAKS. Ever done one? I always feel good when I do.

My RAK is from the summer. I was standing in line with my son for a train ride at a local park. My son was super excited. I had a book of tickets with 4 tickets left…enough for my son and I to ride the train twice. I looked behind me as we waited for the small steam train to pull in to the station and saw a woman younger than myself with a boy about my son’s age. I turned to her and handed her my two extra tickets. She did not speak very much English, but I got my message across. She thanked me for the tickets. After we all boarded the train. I felt good that I had done something nice for someone without any strings attached.

A more recent RAK is becoming a regularly scheduled act for my family. I have an elderly neighbor who has a hard time dragging her trash cans up and down the driveway due to ill health. Twice a week I take her cans down while my children drag the cans back up when they get off the school bus. She has been a good neighbor to us.

If you want to participate go to, Mommy Gossip-GNO.

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