Prunes! Yes, Prunes Were a Hit!

jPrunes? I have no recollection of eating prunes as a child. I did eat prunes as an adult. The prunes in question were in a jar of baby food. Note the use of “a jar.” My daughter ate only one bite of one spoonful of food. She hated prunes. She shook her head. She grimaced. In fact, she hated most baby foods.

Prunes Mark II? Our family experience was a much more pleasant one. I pulled out a tub of Sunsweet Prunes one night at dinner. The kids were game. Each of us took 2 prunes.

Sunsweet PrunesMy very adventurous eater — the 6-year-old boy — ate the prunes with gusto. I looked from him to his sisters. The sisters? Well, the tween pawed over the prunes. Eyed the prunes. Asked if she HAD to eat the prunes. Yes, you can be assured I rolled my eyes at her.  I love to turn the tables on my tween and teen! I can pout and harrumph with the best of ‘em.

The teen was slightly more enthusiastic.. She ate both. Declared she thought they were better than she had thought they would be. The teen was the baby who hated prunes.

I liked the Sunsweet prunes. I’m not a baker, but I will use the Sunsweet prunes to bake a cake…a chocolate cake! For the Fudgy Chocolate Cake recipe and many more recipes, go to Sunsweet Prunes.

I was sent a tub of Sunsweet Prunes for my review.

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