Planning a Trip to D.C.: Oyster Style

The other day I tossed a stack of shrink wrapped phone books in the recycling bin. When was the last time I used a phone book, anyway? 2000? Phonebooks are old school. Are guidebooks a thing of the past, too?

When I plan a trip, my first stop is not the bookstore to pickup a travel guide. Sorry Fodor’s…I was a fan until you listed the WRONG closing time for the Tea Room in Bath. Jane Austen fans are not to be trifled with! My go-to resource for all things travel? The internet…of course.

Let’s say your planning a trip to D.C. What do you need to find? Hotels. Restaurants. Night clubs. Sightseeing spots. Tours. Where to go? Oyster! (I recently started working as an Oyster Locals blogger for D.C.)

Oyster is the place to go for hotel recommendations. Hotels featured on are stayed in by travelers like you. That’s right Oyster pays its reviewers to stay at hotels. The hotel management do not have advance notice of a reviewer’s visit. Oyster reviewers report on what they see and experience while at the hotel…the good and the bad.  Travelers sleep in the beds, eat the food, and photograph the hotels featured.

Want to know what the locals — and by locals I mean people like me! — do in D.C.? Check out Oyster Locals Blog. I write about places you should not miss if you are in D.C.

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